Damond Motorsports Passenger Side Motor Mount

Quick little upgrade after stopping in at Damond Motorsports over the weekend. Despite the Ford part numbers being different for the Transit Connect and ST for the passenger side motor mount, we can now confirm that the ST mount Matt offers will fit, and will also fit on a stock Transit Connect (14-18, with 2.5L). It’s a lot easier to pull the coolant reservoir out now, which is basically a necessity for adding coolant on these things with how far forward the cowl is.

Like a lot of aftermarket/racing motor mounts, it transmits a little more NVH than stock, but far from bothersome at idle (where it’s usually the worst). There’s probably still less noise/vibration with this mount than in TCST#2 idling in drive on stock mounts. The upside is much smoother power delivery, a mount that’s going to last a lot longer, and that takes up less space in the engine bay.

While there, I also dropped off control arms that came off of this TC, for Matt to put new bushings and ball joints on. They’ll go on TCST#2 while it’s apart unless I decide to redo the struts/springs on this TC before I get to that point.

As far as installation goes, it’s pretty straightforward–there’s an excellent guide here, and the only thing I’d tweak in those instructions is that I placed the mount over the existing studs and swapped them one at a time.

Tools needed:

  • T30 to remove splash shield
  • 15, 16, and 18mm sockets and wrenches
  • 6mm allen wrench
  • Ratchet and 6″ extension
  • Floor jack (to support engine)

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