Pre-Planning the EcoBoost Swap: Flywheel and Clutch Kit

NOTE: This post reflects the plan to use the MTX75, which was shelved in favor of the MMT6 to get up and running quicker .

Stock ST flywheel and clutch kit, but standard Focus slave cylinder. The stock clutch is plenty good enough, the dual-mass flywheel makes for a smoother driving experience. Remember, this is going to be a daily driver, not a track car. Both the MMT6 and the MTX75 can use the same clutch kit; if I were planning a bunch of power adders, I’d contemplate the setup from a Volvo S60R with more clamping force.

One from a 2012+ or an older one would appear to work, though they’re different parts. Using the part listed for an ’04, as it has a bleeder and doesn’t require pressure bleeding. New Ford pressure plate and flywheel bolts (the flexplate bolts on the donor engine aren’t the right ones).

Update: Could have had a big mess on my hands here. I knew I needed longer flywheel bolts, and went straight to the dealer for them. The part number that shows up got me bolts that were too long, which I found out when the motor wouldn’t turn after they were torqued to spec–just the right length that they bottomed out as they were tightening up. Confirmed the part number at another dealer, then went online and found the right ones myself. I’ll eventually come back through here with the part numbers once I get everything organized.

07-235​LuK Clutch Kit​
W0133-2032752​ST Flywheel​
8G9Z-00812-A​ST Flywheel bolts (6)​
W702426-S303​Pressure plate bolts (6)​

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